Word Findz Vol 1

By Allen W. Yoakum

A number of 15 puzzles of other letters the place you are making up as many phrases as you could approximately three hundred to four hundred phrases when it comes to issues and characters are given within the publication. you could play at diverse degrees this means that you've among ninety mins to twenty mins to discover the phrases.

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You're given a suite of letters and also you needs to locate the entire phrases for you to within the period of time that you just provide your self. After the clock runs out you are going to visit an inventory of these phrases so that it will have some degree through them and are so as of size of observe and alphabetical after that. This online game will halp you in enjoying different observe video games comparable to Scrabble and Boggle easy sufficient yet will you discover the entire phrases? So get a bit of paper and a clock and feature enjoyable. point 1: ninety mins A: 2 hundred+ B: a hundred and fifty – 199 C: 149—100 D: 99-60 F: 60 or much less point 2: 60 mins A: 2 hundred+ B: a hundred and fifty – 199 C: 149—100 D: 99-60 F: 60 or much less point three: half-hour A: two hundred+ B: one hundred fifty – 199 C: 149—100 D: 99-60 F: 60 or much less point four: 20 mins A: two hundred+ B: a hundred and fifty – 199 C: 149—100 D: 99-60 F: 60 or much less LETTER FOR be aware FINDZ (1) DFCOPLIEKTDR (2) AWQXOPLIERFZX (3) ATCFDIOPKLL (4) UKNLOPERSDT (5) ASZXWUHGFEED (6) POZXDGETEDCC (7) LKSDGHBCVFTEE (8) EEWESDXCVBHDN (9) HSKIPLOEIHDKJS (10) FGHBVCMNCJUIOPEAS (11) HUETRSDXZWQLPE (12) EAUHBVCFIEWMN (13) KIPLGFCVDXSEWQA (14) ESAZXDCFTEDRFD (15) HPLOYUNBTRYEMM search for extra books by means of Allen W.

Note Findz Vol 1 Allen W. Yoakum released: 2012 Tag(s): video games enjoyable "self development" scrabble boggle search for extra books through Allen W. Yoakum at www. amazon. com phrases Findz Vol. 1 through Allen W. Yoakum Copyright 2012 Allen Yoakum Publishing allenyoakum@gmail. com observe FINDZ phrases Findz is straightforward sufficient. you're given a collection of letters and also you needs to locate the entire phrases for you to within the period of time that you just provide your self. After the clock runs out you are going to visit a listing of these phrases in order to have some degree via them and are so as of size of notice and alphabetical after that.

Com (14) ESAZXDCFTEDRFD nine Chars: sixty seven: AFFECTERS sixty six: RESTAFFED eight Chars: sixty seven: AFFECTED sixty six: AFFECTER sixty four: DEFACERS sixty two: DRAFTEES sixty six: EFFACERS sixty seven: EXACTERS sixty two: REDACTED 7 Chars: fifty nine: ADDREST sixty five: impacts 60: AFREETS 60: CATERED 60: CERATED fifty nine: CERATES sixty three: CRAFTED 60: CREASED 60: CREATED fifty nine: CREATES 60: CRESTED fifty nine: DEADEST sixty one: DEAFEST fifty eight: DEAREST sixty one: a long time 60: DECARES sixty four: DEFACED sixty three: DEFACER sixty three: DEFACES sixty one: DEFEATS sixty three: DEFECTS sixty four: DEFFEST fifty nine: DERATED fifty eight: DERATES sixty two: DRAFTED sixty one: DRAFTEE 60: DREADED fifty nine: ECARTES sixty six: EFFACED sixty five: EFFACER sixty five: EFFACES sixty five: results sixty seven: EXACTED sixty six: EXACTER sixty six: EXCRETA sixty three: FACETED sixty one: FEASTED 60: FEASTER sixty three: FRACTED 60: REACTED 60: READDED 60: REDACTS fifty nine: REDATED fifty eight: REDATES fifty nine: REDDEST sixty three: REFACED sixty two: REFACES sixty two: REFECTS sixty three: RESTAFF sixty five: RETAXED sixty four: RETAXES sixty three: SCARFED 60: SCARTED fifty nine: SEDATED fifty eight: SEDATER sixty four: STAFFED sixty three: STAFFER fifty nine: STEADED sixty one: STRAFED fifty nine: TEDDERS fifty nine: TREADED seventy two: ZAFFERS seventy two: ZAFFRES 6 Chars: eight: ADDERS 14: impact nine: AFREET nine: AFTERS 6: ARETES 14: AXSEED nine: CADETS nine: CADRES 10: CARDED eight: CARETS nine: CARTED eight: CARTES eight: CASTER eight: CATERS nine: CEASED nine: CEDARS nine: CEDERS eight: CERATE eight: CERTES eleven: CRAFTS nine: CRATED eight: CRATES 18: CRAZED 17: CRAZES eight: CREASE eight: CREATE nine: CREEDS 14: DAFFED 10: DAFTER eight: DARTED 7: DATERS eight: DEADER 10: DEAFER 10: DECADE 12: DECAFS nine: DECARE 12: DEFACE 10: DEFATS 10: DEFEAT 12: illness 10: DEFERS thirteen: DEFFER 10: DEFTER 7: DERATE 7: DERATS 7: wilderness 7: DETERS 14: DEXTER thirteen: DRAFFS 10: DRAFTS eight: DREADS 6: EASTER 6: EATERS eight: ECARTE 14: EFFACE 14: influence 7: ERASED eight: ERECTS 15: ERSATZ 15: EXACTS 14: EXEDRA thirteen: EXERTS 15: EXSECT thirteen: EXSERT thirteen: EXTRAS eleven: FACERS eleven: FACETE eleven: features 10: FADERS eleven: FAECES 12: FARCED eleven: FARCES eleven: FARDED 10: FARTED 10: FASTED nine: quicker 10: FEARED 10: FEASED nine: FEATER 19: FEAZED 18: FEAZES nine: FESTER nine: FREEST nine: RADDED 10: RAFTED sixteen: RAZEED 15: RAZEES eight: REACTS eight: READDS eight: RECAST nine: REDACT 7: REDATE nine: REDDED eleven: REFACE eleven: REFECT thirteen: REFFED 6: RESEAT eight: RESECT 7: RESEDA 7: RESTED nine: SACRED eight: SADDER nine: SCARED nine: SCREED 7: SEARED 7: SEATED 6: SEATER eight: mystery 7: SEDATE 7: STARED nine: STRAFE thirteen: TAXERS 7: TEARED 7: TEASED 6: TEASER nine: TEDDED eight: TEDDER eight: TERCES nine: TRACED eight: lines eight: TRADED 7: TRADES 7: TREADS 21: ZAFFER 21: ZAFFRE sixteen: ZESTED 15: ZESTER five Chars: eight: ACRED 7: ACRES eight: ACTED eight: further 7: ADDER sixteen: ADZED 15: ADZES 6: AEDES eight: AFTER eight: ARCED five: ARETE five: ASTER eight: CADES eight: CADET eight: CADRE 10: CAFES thirteen: CAFFS eight: playing cards eight: CARED 7: CARES 7: CARET 14: CAREX 7: CARSE 7: CARTE 7: CARTS eight: CASED 7: CASTE 7: CATER 7: CATES 7: stop eight: CEDAR nine: CEDED eight: CEDER eight: CEDES eight: CERED 7: CERES 7: CESTA 7: CETES 10: CRAFT 7: CRATE sixteen: CRAZE eight: CREDS eight: CREED 7: CREST sixteen: CZARS eight: DACES 12: DAFFS 7: DARED 6: DARES 6: DARTS 7: DATED 6: DATER 6: DATES sixteen: DAZED 15: DAZES 7: DEADS 6: DEARS eleven: DECAF 7: DEEDS 6: DEERS 6: DEETS nine: DEFAT nine: DEFER 6: DERAT thirteen: DESEX 6: DETER thirteen: DEXES 12: DRAFF nine: DRAFT 6: DRATS 7: DREAD 7: DREED 6: DREES 6: DREST 6: EARED 6: EASED five: EATER five: ERASE 7: ERECT 7: ESCAR five: ESTER 14: distinct 14: professionals 12: EXERT 12: additional eleven: confronted 10: FACER 10: FACES 10: part 10: proof 10: light nine: FADER nine: FADES 10: FARCE nine: FARDS nine: FARED eight: FARES eight: FARTS nine: FATED eight: FATES sixteen: FAXED 15: FAXES 18: FAZED 17: FAZES eight: FEARS eight: FEASE eight: ceremonial dinner eight: FEATS 17: FEAZE 10: FECES sixteen: FEDEX nine: FEEDS eight: FERES eight: FETAS nine: FETED eight: FETES 17: FEZES eight: FRATS nine: FREED eight: FREES eight: FRETS eight: RACED 7: RACES eleven: RAFFS eight: RAFTS 6: RASED 6: RATED five: charges thirteen: RAXED 12: RAXES 15: RAZED 14: RAZEE 14: RAZES 7: REACT 7: READD 6: READS 7: RECTA 7: REDDS 7: REDED 6: REDES 6: REEDS eight: REEFS five: REEST nine: REFED five: RESAT five: RESET 12: RETAX 12: REXES eight: more secure five: SAREE 6: SATED 7: SCARE 10: shawl 7: SCART 7: SCREE 6: SEDER 7: SERAC 6: SERED five: SETAE thirteen: SEXED 6: STADE eleven: employees five: STARE 6: STEAD 6: STEED five: STEER five: STERE 7: TACES 6: TARED five: TARES thirteen: TAXED 12: TAXER 12: TAXES five: TEARS five: TEASE eleven: TEFFS 7: TERCE five: TERSE 12: TEXAS 7: hint 6: alternate 6: TREAD 6: TREED five: timber 6: TSADE 14: TZARS 17: ZARFS 21: ZAXES 14: ZETAS four Chars: 7: ACED 6: ACES 6: ACRE 6: ACTS 6: provides 14: ADZE 6: ARCS four: ARES 7: ARFS four: ARSE four: ARTS four: ATES 12: AXED eleven: AXES 7: CADE 7: CADS nine: CAFE 12: CAFF 7: CARD 6: CARE 6: automobiles 6: CART 6: CASE 6: solid 6: CATE 6: CATS 7: CEDE 6: CEES 6: CERE 6: CETE 7: CRED 15: CZAR 7: DACE 6: DADS eleven: DAFF eight: DAFT five: DARE five: DART five: DATE 14: DAZE 6: useless eight: DEAF five: pricey 6: DEED five: DEER five: DEES five: DEET eight: DEFT five: DERE five: DRAT five: DREE four: EARS four: EASE four: EAST four: EATS 10: EFFS 7: EFTS four: ERAS four: ERST four: ETAS thirteen: EXEC 12: EXED eleven: EXES nine: FACE nine: truth eight: FADE eight: FADS eight: FARD 7: FARE 7: FART 7: speedy 7: destiny 7: fat sixteen: FAZE 7: worry 7: FEAT eight: FEDS eight: FEED 7: charges 7: ft 7: FERE 7: FEST 7: FETA 7: FETE 7: FETS 7: FRAE 7: FRAT 7: unfastened 7: be anxious 6: RACE five: RADS 10: RAFF 7: RAFT four: RASE four: cost four: RATS thirteen: RAZE five: learn 6: RECS 6: REDD five: REDE five: REDS five: REED 7: REEF four: REES 7: REFS 7: REFT four: relaxation four: RETE four: RETS five: SADE 7: secure five: SARD four: SATE 7: SCAD 6: SCAR 6: SCAT four: SEAR four: SEAT 6: SECT five: SEED four: SEER four: SERA four: SERE 7: SERF four: SETA eleven: SEXT four: megastar 6: TACE five: TADS four: TARE four: TARS four: TEAR four: TEAS five: TEDS five: TEED four: TEES 10: TEFF five: TRAD four: TREE 7: TREF four: TRES four: TSAR thirteen: TZAR sixteen: ZARF 14: ZEDS thirteen: ZEES thirteen: ZEST thirteen: ZETA three Chars: five: ACE five: ACT five: upload four: advertisements thirteen: ADZ nine: AFF 6: AFT five: ARC three: ARE 6: ARF three: ARS three: artwork three: ATE 10: awl 6: CAD five: automobile five: CAT five: CEE five: DAD four: DEE 7: DEF eleven: DEX three: EAR three: devour four: EDS nine: EFF 6: EFS 6: EFT three: period three: ERE three: ERS three: ETA 7: FAD 6: a long way 6: FAS 6: fats thirteen: FAX 7: FED 6: cost 6: FER 6: FES 6: FET 15: FEZ four: RAD three: RAS three: RAT 10: RAX five: REC four: crimson three: REE 6: REF three: RES three: RET 10: REX five: SAC four: unhappy three: SAE three: SAT 10: SAX three: SEA five: SEC three: SEE three: SER three: SET 10: intercourse four: TAD three: TAE three: TAR three: TAS 10: TAX three: TEA four: TED three: TEE 12: ZAS 19: ZAX thirteen: ZED 12: ZEE 2 Chars: three: advert 2: AE 2: AR 2: AS 2: AT nine: AX three: DE three: ED five: EF 2: ER 2: ES 2: ET nine: EX five: FA five: FE 2: RE 2: TA eleven: ZA search for extra books by way of Allen W.

Amazon. com (15) HPLOYUNBTRYEMM 10 Chars: sixty seven: POULTRYMEN nine Chars: seventy two: BRYOPHYTE eight Chars: sixty nine: EURYTHMY sixty six: EUTROPHY sixty two: LOMENTUM sixty eight: METONYMY sixty five: MOMENTLY sixty six: MOTHERLY sixty seven: PLUMBERY sixty six: POLYTENY 7 Chars: sixty four: BENOMYL sixty two: BETHORN sixty six: BETHUMP fifty nine: BLUNTER sixty two: BROTHEL sixty two: BRUTELY sixty two: BURTHEN sixty two: BUTLERY sixty five: BUTYRYL 60: ELYTRON sixty two: ELYTRUM sixty four: EMBRYON sixty two: ENTROPY sixty seven: EPONYMY sixty six: ETHYNYL sixty five: EUPHONY sixty three: HELOTRY sixty four: HUMBLER sixty five: HYPERON 70: HYPONYM 60: LUTHERN sixty two: MENTHOL sixty four: METONYM sixty five: per 30 days sixty five: MOTHERY fifty nine: MOULTER fifty nine: MOUNTER sixty two: MOUTHER sixty three: MUMBLER sixty one: NELUMBO sixty seven: NYMPHET sixty one: OMENTUM fifty nine: OPULENT sixty two: OUTYELP fifty nine: PLEURON sixty three: PLUMBER sixty three: PLUMMER sixty three: PLUMMET sixty four: POLYMER sixty four: POTHERB fifty nine: POULTER sixty two: chicken sixty one: PREMOLT sixty three: challenge sixty two: PRONELY sixty two: PROTYLE sixty four: PUBERTY sixty three: PUMMELO fifty nine: REMOUNT sixty three: REPLUMB sixty one: TEMBLOR sixty seven: THRUMMY sixty four: THUMPER 60: TOURNEY sixty four: TREMBLY sixty one: TROMMEL fifty nine: hassle sixty one: TUMBLER sixty one: TUMBREL sixty one: TUMMLER sixty one: UPBORNE sixty three: YOUTHEN 6 Chars: eleven: BETONY eight: BOLTER eleven: hassle eleven: BOUNTY eight: BOURNE 14: BROTHY eight: BRULOT eight: BRUNET 14: BRYONY 12: BUMMER 12: BUMPER eight: BUNTER eleven: BURLEY eight: BURNET eight: BURTON eight: BUTLER thirteen: EMBOLY thirteen: EMBRYO thirteen: hire 10: ENTOMB thirteen: EPONYM eleven: ETYMON eleven: HOLPEN thirteen: HOMBRE 14: HOMELY nine: HORNET 12: HOURLY thirteen: HUMBLE sixteen: HUMBLY thirteen: HUMMER thirteen: HUMPER nine: HUNTER 12: HURLEY nine: HURTLE eleven: LEMONY eight: LEPTON eight: LOMENT eight: LOUPEN 10: LUMBER 10: LUMPEN 10: LUMPER eight: MELTON thirteen: reminiscence eight: MENTOR 10: MENTUM eight: MERLON eight: MERLOT 14: METHYL 12: METUMP eight: MOLTEN eight: MOLTER 10: second thirteen: MOPERY eleven: mom eleven: MOTLEY 14: MOUTHY 12: MUMBLE 15: MUMBLY 12: MUMPER sixteen: MURPHY eleven: MUTELY eleven: MYRTLE eleven: NEBULY eight: NOBLER nine: NOTHER 10: quantity thirteen: NUMBLY sixteen: NYMPHO eleven: overtly eleven: OUTBYE eleven: PELTRY eleven: PENTYL eight: PENULT eleven: PENURY eleven: PERTLY eight: PETROL eleven: PEYOTL eleven: PHENOL thirteen: PHENOM 14: PHENYL thirteen: PHLOEM 14: PHONEY 14: PHYLON sixteen: PHYLUM 14: PHYTOL 14: PHYTON eleven: lots 10: PLENUM 15: PLUMMY eight: PLUTON eleven: POETRY eleven: POLEYN 12: POMMEL eleven: PORTLY eleven: POTHER 10: POTMEN eight: POUTER thirteen: PREBUY eleven: PROTYL 10: PUEBLO 10: PUMELO 12: PUMMEL eight: PUNTER eleven: in simple terms eleven: PYRONE 14: PYTHON eight: REPLOT 14: RHEUMY 12: RHYTON eight: ROUBLE eight: ROUPET 10: RUMBLE thirteen: RUMBLY 10: RUMPLE thirteen: RUMPLY 6: RUNLET 6: TENOUR eleven: TERMLY 12: concept 12: THORNY eleven: THORPE nine: THRONE 17: THYMEY 14: THYMOL eleven: TREBLY 10: TROMPE 14: TROPHY eight: TROUPE 10: TUMBLE eight: TUPELO 14: TYPHON eight: UNBELT eight: UNBOLT eleven: UNHELM 12: UNHOLY eight: UNROBE 10: UPBORE eleven: UPHROE eight: UPTORE eight: UPTORN five Chars: 7: BELON 7: BENTO 10: BERTH 10: BERYL 7: BETON 7: BLENT 7: BLUER 7: BLUET 10: BLUEY nine: BLUME 7: BLUNT 7: BLURT 12: BLYPE 7: BONER 10: BONEY 7: BORNE 10: BORTY 7: BOTEL thirteen: BOTHY 7: BOULE 7: BOURN 7: BRENT nine: BROME 10: BROTH nine: BRUME 7: BRUNT 7: BRUTE 14: BUMPH 14: BUMPY 7: BURET 10: BURLY 7: BURNT 7: BUTEO 7: BUTLE 10: BUTYL 10: customer 10: EBONY 12: EMPTY 7: ENORM five: ENROL eight: access 10: EPHOR 7: ERUPT eleven: ETHYL eight: HELOT 15: HEMPY eleven: HENRY thirteen: HERBY eight: HERON eleven: HOLEY 10: HOMER thirteen: HOMEY eight: HONER eleven: HONEY 10: HOPER eleven: attractive eight: lodge eleven: HOTLY eleven: HOYLE 10: HUMOR 15: HUMPY eleven: HURLY thirteen: HYMEN thirteen: HYPER 7: LEMON 7: LEMUR five: LENTO 7: LETUP five: LONER 7: LOPER 7: LOUPE eight: LOURY 7: LUMEN 12: LUMPY five: LUNET 15: LYMPH 7: MELON 10: MELTY 7: METOL 7: METRO 10: MOHEL 10: MOHUR 10: funds 7: MONTE 10: MONTH nine: MOPER 12: MOPEY 7: MOREL 12: MORPH 7: hotel 10: MOTEY thirteen: MOTHY 7: MOULT 7: MOUNT 7: MOURN 10: MOUTH thirteen: MUHLY 10: MULEY 7: MUTER 7: MUTON 12: MYOPE 15: MYOPY sixteen: MYTHY five: NEROL 7: NETOP 7: NOBLE 10: NOBLY eight: NORTH five: NOTER 7: NOTUM 15: NYMPH 7: OLEUM nine: OMBER nine: OMBRE eight: ONERY eight: different 10: OUPHE 10: OUTBY five: OUTER five: OUTRE 7: PELON 10: PEONY 10: cellphone thirteen: PHONY thirteen: PHYLE 7: PLEON eleven: PLUMB nine: PLUME 12: PLUMY 10: PLYER 7: POLER 14: POMMY 10: PORNY 7: POULT 10: POUTY nine: PROBE nine: PROEM 7: PROLE 7: providers 7: PRUNE 7: PULER 7: PUNTO 10: PUNTY 10: PURTY 7: PUTON 10: PYLON nine: REBOP 7: REBUT 10: REBUY 10: answer 7: REPOT 10: RHEUM 12: RHOMB 12: RHUMB thirteen: RHYME 7: ROBLE 10: ROPEY five: ROUEN 10: ROUPY five: direction eight: ROUTH 7: RUBEL 7: RUBLE 7: RUMEN 12: RUMMY eight: RUNTY nine: pace five: TENOR 10: TEPOY 10: THERM eight: THOLE eight: THORN 10: THORP 10: THROB eight: THROE 10: THRUM 12: THUMB 12: THUMP eight: THURL thirteen: THYME sixteen: THYMY 12: TOMMY five: TONER eight: TONEY 7: TOPER 10: TOPHE eight: TOYER nine: TROMP five: TRONE 7: TROPE eight: actually nine: TRUMP 7: TUBER 12: TUMMY 7: TUMOR five: TUNER 7: rapid eight: TUYER thirteen: TYPEY nine: UMBEL nine: UMBER five: UNLET 7: UNMET 12: UPBYE eight: YOURN eleven: early life 15: YUMMY 10: YUPON four Chars: 6: BELT 6: BENT eight: BERM nine: BETH nine: BHUT 6: BLET 6: BLOT 6: BLUE 6: BLUR 6: BOLE 6: BOLT 6: BONE nine: BONY 6: BORE 6: BORN 6: BORT nine: either 6: BOUT 6: BREN 6: BRUT nine: BUHL nine: BUHR 10: BUMP 6: BUNT nine: BUOY 6: BURL 6: BURN eight: BURP nine: BURY 6: BUTE nine: BYRE nine: BYRL nine: BYTE 6: EBON nine: ELMY eleven: EMMY four: ENOL four: EURO 10: EYRY nine: HELM 7: HELO nine: support eleven: HEMP 7: HENT nine: HERB 7: HERL nine: HERM 7: HERN 7: HERO 7: HOER 7: gap nine: HOLM nine: HOLP 7: HOLT 10: HOLY nine: domestic 12: HOMY 7: HONE nine: desire 7: HORN 7: HOUR eleven: HUMP 7: HUNT 7: HURL 7: harm 12: HYMN 12: HYPE 12: HYPO 10: HYTE 7: LEHR four: LENO four: LENT 6: LEPT 6: LOBE four: LONE 6: LOPE four: LORE four: LORN 7: LORY 7: LOTH 6: LOUP four: LOUR four: LOUT 6: LUBE eight: LUMP four: LUNE four: LUNT 7: LUNY four: trap four: LUTE 7: LYRE 6: soften eight: MEMO 6: MENO 6: MENU 6: MEOU 6: MERL nine: METH 6: MOLE 6: MOLT nine: MOLY eight: MOME nine: MONY eight: MOPE eleven: MOPY 6: extra 6: MORN 6: MORT 6: MOTE nine: MOTH 6: MOUE 6: MULE 10: MUMP 6: MUON 6: MURE 6: MUTE 12: delusion 6: NEUM four: NOEL 6: NOME 6: NOPE 6: NORM four: observe eight: NUMB four: NURL nine: OBEY 6: OMEN 6: OMER 7: simply 6: OPEN nine: ORBY four: ORLE nine: OUPH 7: OYER 6: PELT 6: PENT 6: PEON eight: PERM 6: PERT nine: PHON nine: PHOT nine: PHUT eight: PLEB 6: PLOT nine: PLOY eight: PLUM eight: POEM 6: POET 6: POLE nine: POLY eight: POME 6: PONE nine: PONY 6: PORE 6: PORN 6: PORT 6: POUR 6: POUT nine: PREY eight: promenade 6: PULE 6: PUNT nine: PUNY 6: natural 6: PURL nine: PYRE nine: PYRO 7: count four: lease 6: REPO 6: gown four: function eight: ROMP 6: ROPE nine: ROPY four: ROTE four: ROTL four: ROUE 6: ROUP four: ROUT 6: RUBE nine: RUBY four: RULE 7: RULY eight: RUMP four: RUNE four: RUNT 7: RUTH 7: RYOT eight: TEMP 6: time period four: TERN nine: THEM 7: THEN 10: THEY 7: THOU 7: THRO 7: through nine: TOBY four: TOLE four: TOLU eight: TOMB 6: TOME four: TONE 7: TONY 6: TOPE nine: TOPH four: TORE four: TORN 7: TORY four: journey 7: TREY 6: TROP 7: TROY four: precise 6: TUBE four: TULE eight: TUMP four: music four: flip 7: TYER 7: TYNE nine: style nine: TYPO 12: TYPY 7: TYRE 7: TYRO eight: UMBO 6: UNBE four: UNTO eleven: UPBY 6: UPON nine: YELP nine: YLEM 7: YORE 7: YOUR 7: xmas 7: YURT three Chars: five: BEL five: BEN five: guess eight: BEY 7: BOP five: BOT eight: BOY five: BRO 7: BUM five: BUN five: BUR five: yet eight: purchase eight: BYE five: ELM five: EMU three: EON three: ERN 6: ETH eight: HEM 6: rooster eight: HEP 6: HER 6: HET nine: hello 10: HMM eight: HOB 6: HOE 6: HON eight: HOP 6: scorching nine: HOY eight: HUB 6: HUE eight: HUM 6: HUN eight: HUP 6: HUT eleven: HYP three: permit three: LEU 6: LEY five: LOB five: LOP three: LOT five: LUM 6: LYE five: MEL 7: MEM five: males five: MET eight: MHO 7: MOB five: MOL 7: mother five: MON 7: MOP five: MOR five: MOT 7: MUM five: MUN five: MUT five: NEB three: internet five: NOB 6: NOH five: NOM three: NOR three: now not 6: NTH five: NUB three: NUT five: OBE eight: OHM three: OLE three: ONE five: OPE five: decide five: ORB three: ORE three: ORT three: OUR three: OUT eight: PEH five: PEN five: according to five: puppy eight: PHT eight: PLY eight: POH five: POL 7: POM five: POT five: seasoned eight: PRY 7: PUB five: PUL five: PUN five: PUR five: positioned eight: PYE five: REB five: REM five: REP three: RET 6: RHO five: ROB three: ROE five: ROM three: ROT five: RUB three: RUE five: RUM three: RUN three: RUT 6: RYE three: TEL three: TEN 6: THE 6: THO nine: THY three: TOE five: TOM three: TON five: best three: TOR 6: TOY 6: try out five: bath three: TUN five: TUP 6: TYE 7: UMM 7: UMP five: UPO five: URB three: URN five: URP three: UTE nine: YEH 6: YEN eight: YEP 6: but eight: YOB eight: YOM 6: YON 6: YOU eight: YUM eight: YUP 2 Chars: four: BE four: BO 7: by way of five: EH 2: EL four: EM 2: EN 2: ER 2: ET five: HE 7: HM five: HO 2: LO four: ME 6: MM four: MO four: MU 7: MY 2: NE 2: NO 2: NU 2: OE five: OH four: OM 2: ON four: OP 2: OR five: OY four: PE 2: RE 2: TO five: UH four: UM 2: UN four: UP 2: UT five: YE five: YO www.

Com (12) EAUHBVCFIEWMN eight Chars: sixty four: atmosphere 7 Chars: sixty five: in achieving sixty four: BENEFIC sixty four: CAVEMEN fifty nine: EUCAINE sixty two: FAIENCE sixty two: FIANCEE sixty five: HAFNIUM sixty three: INWEAVE sixty four: computing device sixty two: UNIFACE sixty three: UNWEAVE 6 Chars: eleven: ACHENE 10: ACUMEN 10: AECIUM 12: AMEBIC 10: ANEMIC nine: street eight: BEANIE 12: turned 14: BEHAVE 10: BEMEAN 10: BENAME thirteen: BIFACE 12: CABMEN eleven: CHAINE 10: CINEMA 12: CUMBIA eleven: ENFACE eleven: EVINCE eleven: FAMINE eleven: FIANCE thirteen: HAEMIC eleven: HAEMIN eleven: HEAUME 12: HEAVEN eleven: HUMANE 14: HUMVEE 10: ICEMAN 10: ICEMEN eleven: INHUME thirteen: MANCHE eight: MEANIE 10: risk 10: NEUMIC eleven: beginner eleven: NUCHAE eight: UNCIAE 12: VAHINE eleven: VICUNA 12: WAHINE 15: WEBCAM 14: WHENCE five Chars: nine: AMICE 7: AMINE nine: AMNIC 7: ANIME 12: seashore 12: BEECH 12: BENCH 12: BIMAH 12: BUNCH nine: CABIN 10: CAVIE nine: CEIBA thirteen: CHAFE 10: CHAIN thirteen: leader 14: CHIMB 12: CHIME 10: CHINA 10: CHINE thirteen: CHIVE thirteen: CHUFA nine: CUMIN 10: CUVEE 7: ENEMA 10: FANUM eleven: FAUVE 10: FENCE thirteen: FICHE thirteen: FICHU 10: FINCA thirteen: FINCH 10: HANCE eleven: HAVEN eleven: HEAVE 12: HEMIC 10: HEMIN 10: for that reason 10: HUMAN 12: HUMIC nine: IMBUE 12: MACHE 12: MAFIC nine: MANIC 10: MAUVE 10: MAVEN 10: MAVIE 10: MAVIN 12: MICHE 7: MINAE nine: MINCE nine: MUCIN 12: MUNCH eight: NAEVI eight: NAIVE 7: NEUME eight: NEWIE 10: area of interest 7: NIECE eight: NIEVE 7: NUBIA 10: NUCHA nine: UMIAC 7: UNCIA 10: UNMEW eight: VEENA eight: VENAE eight: VENUE 10: VIMEN 10: VINCA eleven: WAIVE eleven: WEAVE thirteen: WENCH eleven: WHEEN eleven: WHINE 10: WINCE thirteen: WINCH four Chars: nine: pain eight: ACME 6: pimples nine: AHEM 6: AMEN 6: AMIE 6: AMIN 7: ANEW 7: AWEE eleven: BACH 6: BANE 6: BANI eight: BEAM 6: BEAN 6: BEAU nine: pork 6: BEEN eight: BEMA 6: BENE eight: BICE eight: BIMA 6: BINE eleven: BUMF 6: BUNA nine: CAFE 6: CAIN eight: got here 6: CANE nine: CAVE nine: CHAI eleven: CHAM 12: CHAW 12: CHEF 12: bite nine: CHIA nine: CHIN eleven: CHUB eleven: pal 6: CINE eight: dice nine: CUIF nine: every one 7: EAVE nine: ECHE 6: EMEU eight: EMIC 7: ENUF 7: EVEN nine: FACE 7: FAIN nine: repute 7: FANE 7: FAUN 10: FAVE 10: FAWN nine: FEEB nine: FEME nine: FICE 7: tremendous 10: 5 nine: FUCI nine: FUME nine: HABU nine: HAEM 7: HAEN nine: HAME 10: HAVE nine: HEBE nine: HEME 10: HEWN 10: HIVE nine: HUIC 10: HWAN eight: IAMB nine: INCH eight: MABE eight: MACE eleven: MACH 6: major 6: MANE 6: MAUN nine: MAWN 6: suggest 6: MENU eight: MICA eight: MICE 6: MIEN 6: MINA 6: MINE eleven: a lot 6: MUNI 6: NABE 7: NAIF 6: identify 7: NAVE 6: NEEM 7: NEIF 6: NEMA 6: NEUM 7: NEVE 7: NEVI 6: great eight: NUMB four: UNAI 6: UNBE 6: UNCI 7: UVEA 7: useless 7: VANE 7: VEIN 7: VENA nine: VIBE nine: VICE 10: VIEW 7: VINA 7: VINE 10: WAIF 7: WAIN nine: WAME 7: WANE 10: WAVE 7: WEAN 7: WEEN 12: WHAM 10: WHEE 10: while 12: WHIM 10: WHIN 12: WICH 10: spouse 7: WINE 10: WIVE three Chars: five: ACE 6: AHI five: objective three: AIN five: AMI five: AMU three: ANE three: ANI 6: AVE 6: AWE 6: AWN eight: BAH 7: BAM five: BAN five: BEE five: BEN five: BIN 7: BUM five: BUN 7: CAB 7: CAM five: CAN eight: CAW five: CEE eight: CHI 7: CUB five: CUE 7: CUM 10: CWM three: EAU five: eu five: EME five: EMU 6: EVE 6: EWE eight: FAB 6: FAN 6: rate nine: FEH eight: FEM 6: FEN 6: FEU nine: FEW eight: FIB 6: FIE 6: FIN eight: FUB 6: enjoyable 6: HAE eight: HAM nine: HAW eight: HEM 6: rooster nine: HEW eight: HIC 6: HIE eight: HIM 6: HIN eight: HUB 6: HUE eight: HUM 6: HUN five: ICE eight: ICH 7: MAC five: MAE five: guy eight: MAW five: males eight: MEW 7: MIB 7: MIC five: MUN five: NAB three: NAE 6: NAH five: NAM 6: NAW five: NEB three: NEE 6: NEW five: NIB five: NIM five: NUB eight: VAC 6: VAN 6: VAU nine: VAW 6: VEE 6: through 6: VIE eight: VIM eight: VUM eight: WAB 6: WAE 6: WAN eight: net 6: WEE 6: WEN nine: WHA 6: WIN 2 Chars: four: AB 2: AE five: AH 2: AI four: AM 2: AN five: AW four: BA four: BE four: BI five: EF five: EH four: EM 2: EN five: FA five: FE five: HA five: HE five: hello 7: HM five: IF 2: IN four: MA four: ME four: MI four: MU 2: NA 2: NE 2: NU five: UH four: UM 2: UN five: WE search for extra books through Allen W.

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