Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?: Fascinating Food Trivia Explained with Science

FOOD QUESTIONS replied WITH colourful snap shots AND enjoyable, EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND clinical EXPLANATIONS

Have you ever wondered...

• Why bacon smells so good?
• Why onions make you cry?
• If consuming turkey makes you sleepy?
• If blending beverages makes a hangover worse?
• How power beverages work?
• Why chocolate is toxic to dogs?
• Why espresso makes you extra stressed out than tea?
• Why cilantro tastes soapy to some?

The solutions to those baffling questions and extra are published during this pleasant, informative number of trivialities. now not a scientist? No challenge. This book’s colourful pictures and easy-to-understand causes make those meals proof enjoyable for everyone.

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It’s a hefty fruit, and with a tricky shell of spines has been identified to fall off bushes and land on farmers, inflicting possibly severe accidents. Compounds that give a contribution to a durian’s scent Banned on mass transit in Singapore in general referred to as “king of end result” in Southeast Asia defined as a “love it or hate it” flavored fruit WHY DOES BACON odor SO strong? by way of breakfasts, there are few aromas larger than that of bacon hot and crisping in a pan. This scrumptious aroma is the final result of particular risky chemical substances given off because it is frying.

No matter what your pursuits or curiosities, i am hoping that the chemistry during this e-book will flip the typical into the intense for you. a short advent TO natural CHEMISTRY natural chemistry is the examine of carbon-based compounds. natural compounds often include essentially carbon and hydrogen, yet we’ll additionally see a few containing the opposite components proven right here. The chemical bonds in natural compounds are shaped via the atoms sharing a couple of electrons with one another. Carbon can shape 4 bonds to different atoms; oxygen often kinds bonds, whereas hydrogen can purely shape one bond.

Stories at the safeguard of aspartame makes it transparent that no hyperlink with melanoma or mind tumor has been chanced on at concentrations of aspartame repeatedly greater than that utilized in daily items. a newer research has recommended that a few synthetic sweeteners may perhaps set off glucose intolerance, a possibility issue for diabetes. although, this examine inquisitive about assessments of 1 sweetener, saccharin, in mice, besides very restricted human stories. As such, its conclusions require extra research earlier than they are often proven.

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