Why Do Volcanoes Blow Their Tops?: Questions and Answers about Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Scholastic Question & Answer)

By Melvin Berger, Gilda Berger

Questions and solutions offer information regarding volcanoes and earthquakes, overlaying such points as why, how, while, and the place those phenomena ensue.

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Its base is set a hundred and twenty miles (192 km) large on the ocean flooring. Mauna Loa is so large there’s room for an additional significant volcano, Kilauea, on its southeastern slope. that's the main harmful volcano this present day? Popocatépetl, nicknamed El Popo, that is simply 33 miles (55 km) east of huge, crowded Mexico urban. El Popo has had 17 significant eruptions long ago 500 years. The final substantial sequence of eruptions, among 1920 and 1922, coated Mexico urban with up to four inches (10 cm) of ash. El Popo continues to be lively. every day it sends millions of hundreds gasoline and ash into the air.

The sting of the plate melts and turns into magma. four 5 Magma pool Earth’s6core What makes a volcano erupt? strain. It pushes at the underground pool of magma. The magma bursts via to the skin. The explosion is like toothpaste capturing out of a tube for those who provide it a troublesome squeeze. additionally, the magma is stuffed with bubbly gases. those gases make a powerful fountain that is helping blast out the magma. it's only like liquid squirting out for those who pop the cap off a bottle of hot, shaken soda. while magma reaches the earth’s floor, it turns into lava.

Landslides ship dust and rock crashing down over significant parts. significant earthquakes seldom last longer than a couple of seconds or mins. yet in the course of that few minutes the trembling earth can knock over mountains, switch the process rivers, or thoroughly wipe out towns. the biggest earthquakes within the continental usa most likely happened in New Madrid, Missouri, in 1811 and 1812. The more suitable of them used to be felt from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and from the east coast to the Rocky Mountains. 28 29 Where do earthquakes often take place?

Close to them have been loaves of bread, bowls of fruit, tables, vases, jewellery, work, and daily instruments. The findings supplied a necessary glimpse of existence in precedent days. Did a volcano ever spoil a continent? not really. historic legends inform that the continent Atlantis, domestic to a superb civilization, sank into the ocean after a strong volcano erupted. this day, specialists imagine Atlantis used to be now not a continent, yet an island off the coast of Greece referred to as Thira. approximately 1470 B. C. , an enormous earthquake ripped the island aside.

Aftershocks frequently stick with the most surprise. They proceed until eventually the entire tension that prompted the quake is published. additionally, the most surprise may perhaps building up new pressure in different elements of the plate, resulting in extra aftershocks. the larger the earthquake, the higher the variety of aftershocks. Do earthquakes ever happen in bunches? convinced. they're known as earthquake swarms. In every one bunch, huge numbers of small quakes happen in a single sector over a time period, yet with no unmarried significant quake. A striking earthquake swarm hit Japan from 1965 to 1967.

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