Who Do My Opponents Say That I Am?: An Investigation of the Accusations Against the Historical Jesus (The Library of New Testament Studies)

By Scot McKnight

This quantity will unpack the seven allegations proposed through Scot McKnight in his article 'Calling Jesus Mamzer' within the inaugural quantity of The magazine for the old Jesus (Volume 1.1 2003: 73-103).

Each essay will discover the historicity of every accusation and what they let us know approximately Jesus. McKnight and Modica suggest that via analyzing those particular allegations, possible start to understand a overlooked size of old Jesus stories, particularly, that Jesus could be understood by means of what his competitors (critics) say of him. They contend that such an process bargains, as Malina and Neyrey have formerly tested in Calling Jesus Names, a 'Christology from the side'.

There should be an introductory and concluding essay from the editors.

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T7. 10; Deut. 12. sixteen, 23-25; cf. h. Sanh. 56a-b; IQapGeo 12. 17; Philo, Quout. In Gen. 2. fifty nine. forty eight. Cf. Bruce D. Cbiltoo, 'Purity and Impurity', inDLNTD(cds Ralph P. Manin aod Peter H. Davids; DowocrsGrove, IL: ! JrterVarsity Press, 1997), pp. 988-96; idem, 'JeoU$, Levitical Purity, aod tbc improvement of Primitive Cluistianity', io 'I'M Doole ofLevitl<=: Composition and Ra-

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