The Krishnamurti Reader: No. 1 (Arkana)

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Worry additionally has many branches, many leaves, many expressions of worry that breed their very own flowering and their very own fruit, that's motion. So one needs to visit the very root of worry, now not take quite a few sorts of fears however the root of worry. glance: one can be scared of darkness, one should be fearful of wasting one’s spouse or husband, one should be scared of having no cash, one will be frightened of a few previous ache and never wish it back, one could be scared of a dozen issues. one could battle through them analytically one through one—and that's this type of waste of time, isn’t it?

Now, how can the mind remedy difficulties whether it is no longer loose from difficulties? Our brains are conditioned from adolescence to the solution of difficulties. as the mind is conditioned to unravel difficulties, it truly is constantly looking an answer. it's not knowing the matter itself yet looking the answer of the matter. Is it attainable to have a mind that's not conditioned to difficulties? Our mind is conditioned now to the answer of difficulties, and we have now by no means solved the issues. they're expanding a growing number of.

This circulation of time is a circle; time is a bondage. wish includes time. So guy has requested now not if there's timelessness yet relatively if there's an finish to time. this can be rather a truly critical query. we're not inquiring into the undying. we're asking no matter if time, that's notion, has a cease. Now, how are you going to notice that? via research? via so-called instinct? That note, instinct, which has been used a lot, should be most deadly. it can be our hidden hope; it can be our deeply rooted purpose of which we're not acutely aware; it can be the prompting of our tendency, our personal idiosyncrasy, our personal specific accumulation of data.

The anger is the content material; they don't seem to be separate issues. The content material is the conditioning. within the passionate statement of what's really going on—that is, of the actions of the conditioning—the nature and constitution of the conditioning are dissolved. it truly is easy, so uncomplicated that you just leave out its very simplicity and so its subtlety. What we say is that no matter what is occurring, while you're strolling, conversing, meditating, the development that's occurring is to be saw. whilst the brain wanders, the very remark of it ends its chatter.

You recognize, it really is essentially the most striking issues that the entire of Asia considers considered the kid of a barren lady. they are saying idea is degree, and to discover the immeasurable, that that's past time and degree, one needs to pursue the suppression of concept. while the entire of Western civilization, tradition, relies on notion. idea is dimension. As I stated, this is often particularly very critical, and it calls for nice subtlety of brain to enter it. i am hoping you're ready to enquire this in order that the brain is unfastened from size, in order that the brain understands colossal house and silence, which isn't measurable, which isn't prepare via notion.

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