Plant Life of Kentucky: An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora

By Ronald L. Jones

Plant lifetime of Kentucky is the 1st complete advisor to all of the ferns, flowering herbs, and woody crops of the nation. This long-awaited paintings presents identity keys for Kentucky's 2,600 local and naturalized vascular vegetation, with notes on wildlife/human makes use of, toxic crops, and medicinal herbs. the typical identify, flowering interval, habitat, distribution, rarity, and wetland prestige are given for every species, and approximately eighty percentage are illustrated with line drawings. The inclusion of 250 extra species from open air the nation (these species are "to be anticipated" in Kentucky) broadens the nearby insurance, and so much vegetation happening from northern Alabama to southern Ohio to the Mississippi River (an region of extensive similarity in plants) are tested, together with approximately all of the vegetation of western and vital Tennessee. the writer additionally describes prehistoric and ancient alterations within the vegetation, traditional areas and plant groups, major botanists, present threats to plants, and a plan for destiny reports. plants of Kentucky is meant as a examine instrument for execs in biology and comparable fields, and as a source for college students, novice naturalists, and others attracted to figuring out and maintaining our wealthy botanical heritage.

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Perigynia 2–2. 6 mm huge, approximately round in move part ___________________________ C. grisea. four. Perigynia 1. 5–2. three mm extensive, bluntly triangular in pass part. five. Perigynia < 2 mm huge, to five mm lengthy ___________________________________ C. amphibola. five. Perigynia > 2 mm vast, to four. five mm lengthy ___________________________________ C. corrugata. three. Perigynia prepared in 2 vertical rows; lowest bract sheath tight. 6. Perigynia 2. 0–2. 2 occasions so long as achene physique _______________________________ C. planispicata. 6. Perigynia 1.

Margins of sterile blades serrate, the basal pinnae trade; fertile blades 1-pinnate, every one pinna flattened, with 2 rows of elliptic sori _____________________________ Blechnaceae. four. Margins of sterile blades complete or lobed; the basal pinnae contrary; fertile blades 2-pinnate, the pinnules beadlike and enclosing sori (Onoclea) ________________ Dryopteridaceae. three. Rhizomes bearing one kind of blade, this occasionally with the fertile pinnae and sterile pinnae a bit of varied in dimension or form. five. Leaves widely deltoid, 2-pinnatifid; sori rounded, below 1 mm extensive yet missing indusia (Phegopteris) ________________________________________________ Thelypteridaceae.

Rapid-water streams with gravelly or rocky bottoms regularly have few vascular vegetation, and every one of these are the common emergent species alongside the margins. the one submersed vascular plant tailored for all times in speedy streams in Kentucky is riverweed (Podostemum ceratophyllum), which happens in a couple of Appalachian streams and has distinct disklike buildings for attaching to rocks or wooden. desk nine infrequent VASCULAR PLANT SPECIES basically linked to ROCKY/GRASSY movement BANKS OF THE APPALACHIAN PLATEAUS (ALL ARE country indexed AND TWO—CONRADINA VERTICILLATA AND SPIRAEA VIRGINIANA—ARE FEDERALLY indexed.

Evans, pers. comm. ). Braun’s rock cress (Arabis perstellata) is endemic to Kentucky and Tennessee, and the var. perstellata was once previously seen as endemic to Kentucky, however the taxon is not any longer thought of varietally particular from populations in Tennessee (formerly var. ampla Rollins). Orbexilum stipulatum used to be obviously as soon as endemic to Kentucky and Indiana yet is now it seems that extinct (see Baskin et al. 1986). Estill & Cruzan (2001) indexed sixteen endemic vegetation of southeastern usa in Kentucky, with fifty three county occurrences.

C. umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd. April–June. s. IP, w. IP, AP. rare. C. virescens Muhl. ex Willd. May–June. Woodlands. throughout KY. rare. C. vulpinoidea Michx. May–June. rainy parts. throughout KY. common. OBL. C. willdenowii Schkuhr ex Willd. May–June. Woodlands. throughout KY. widespread. UPL. Ref: Naczi et al. 1998. C. woodii Dewey. May–June. wealthy woods. AP. infrequent. UPL. CYMOPHYLLUS MACK. EX BRITTON. ! C. fraserianus (Ker Gawl. ) Kartesz & Gandhi. Fraser’s sedge. May–June. Mesophytic forests. s. AP. Endangered. CYPERUS L. FLATSEDGE, UMBRELLA-SEDGE.

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