How Do Refrigerators Work? (Science in the Real World (Library))

By Christina Wilsdon

Approximately each domestic has a fridge to maintain meals tasty and suitable for eating. yet how does this useful kitchen equipment hold meals cool? This identify explains the technological know-how at the back of the workings of a fridge, its background within the family, and the way strength and strain are used to maintain meals cool.

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They labored fine within a fridge yet have been risky in the event that they leaked out. within the Nineteen Thirties, new refrigerants referred to as chlorofluorocarbons changed them. they're referred to as CFCs for brief. CFCs have been later discovered to hurt part of Earth’s surroundings referred to as the ozone layer. this residue shields Earth from the various Sun’s destructive rays. at the present time, fridges use assorted refrigerants and never CFCs. the most recent refrigerants don't damage the ozone layer. 19 Refrigerator_2print. indd 19 8/10/09 12:50:05 PM Back to the Evaporator on the finish of the condenser, the refrigerant is going via a truly skinny tube known as the growth valve, defined in black during this photo.

Like the evaporator and the compressor, the condenser has a reputation that could be a clue to its activity. it really is the place refrigerant condenses. The refrigerant is going from being a fuel to being a liquid back. while the refrigerant left the compressor, it was once a scorching gasoline less than excessive strain. it really is nonetheless a highpressure, sizzling fuel whilst it flows into the condenser. the new refrigerant heats up the condenser because it flows via it. wasting warmth yet now the refrigerant starts to lose its warmth, simply because warmth travels from hotter locations to cooler locations.

Indd eleven 8/10/09 12:49:37 PM Under strain H consuming a liquid can swap it right into a fuel. Cooling a fuel can switch it right into a liquid. yet a fridge doesn't prepare dinner refrigerant to show it right into a gasoline. It doesn't kick back refrigerant to show it right into a liquid. as an alternative, a fridge makes use of strain to alter the refrigerant. strain is the quantity of strength urgent on anything. if you blow up a balloon, you're utilizing air strain to fill it. The balloon inflates a bit at the start. The strain within the balloon grows as you blow in additional air.

This picture from 1929 exhibits how Inuit in Alaska dried whale meat on a rack. do you know ? protecting some time past humans dwelling sooner than there have been fridges usually dried meals to maintain them from rotting. Drying is helping safeguard meals simply because microbes like moisture. they're extra energetic in wet foodstuff than in dry nutrition. humans dried meat and fish with solar, salt, or smoke from a fire. Milk used to be made into cheese and yogurt to make it last more. foodstuff was once additionally preserved by way of including definite ingredients, equivalent to salt or vinegar, to it.

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