Homeric Problems: Edited and Translated by Donald A. Russell and David Konstan (Writings from the Greco-Roman World)

By Heraclitus

This is often the 1st English translation of the one prolonged historic treatise on Homer that survives this day. It presents a close allegorical dialogue of debatable passages within the Iliad and the Odyssey and is a mine of data on old ways to allegory and to literary feedback.

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Pa=j ga\r o( mu=qoj h)llhgo/rhtai periì tw¤n e)p' a)rxaiÍj1 tetta/rwn stoixei¿wn. forty-one. 6 Kro/non me\n ga\r o)noma/zei to\n xro/non kata\ meta/lhyin e(no\j stoixei¿ou: path\r de\ tw¤n oÀlwn o( xro/noj, kaiì tele/wj a)mh/xano/n ti gene/sqai tw¤n oÃntwn di¿xa xro/nou: dio\ dh\ r(i¿za tw¤n tetta/rwn stoixei¿wn ouÂto/j e)sti. forty-one. 7 Mhte/ra d' au)toiÍj eÃneimen eiånai ¸Re/an, e)peidh\ r(u/sei tiniì kaiì a)enna/% kinh/sei to\ pa=n oi)konomeiÍtai. forty-one. eight Xro/nou dh\ kaiì r(u/sewj te/kna gh=n te kaiì uÀdwr, ai)qe/ra te kaiì a)e/ra su\n au)toi=j2 u(pesth/sato: forty-one.

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