Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket Guide for Personal Practice: More than 150 asanas!

By Daniel DiTuro, Ingrid Yang


Finally, an easy-to-use quick-reference consultant that captures the wonder and essence of hatha yoga itself.

Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket consultant for private Practice positive factors full-color images, easy stream cues, the English and Sanskrit names, and hassle scores for over a hundred and fifty poses, together with these

Bound angle






Crescent lunge


Dancer I

Downward-facing dog

Forward bend


Half moon


Intense aspect stretch

Lord of the fishes



Shoulder stand

Side angle




Upward-facing dog



Simple, beautiful, and handy, Hatha Yoga Asanas: Pocket consultant for private Practice is the single reference each practitioner and teacher may still own.

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3  Keep stomach lifted and hips in response to physique. Plank, part Vasisthasana trouble point 6 commence place Plank (p. 106) 1  Rotate onto left hand and stack correct foot over left. 2  Extend correct hand upward. Repeat on different facet. Plank, aspect prolonged Utthita Vasisthasana trouble point 7 commence place Plank, part (p. 107) 1  Curl first palms round left (top) vast toe. 2  Extend left leg upward. Repeat on different facet. Plow Halasana trouble point four commence place Reclining on again 1  Lift ft up and overhead till feet contact flooring at the back of head.

2  Press strongly into arms to raise physique, and hook left thigh onto correct triceps. 3  Lean ahead and straighten fingers and stability. Repeat on different aspect. Cock, Upward Urdhva Kukkutasana trouble point nine commence place Lotus, seated (p. ninety) 1  Bend knees up into chest, last in lotus, and stroll palms in entrance of physique. 2  Bend palms and shift shins onto triceps. 3  Lean ahead and straighten hands. twine Pasasana trouble point five commence place Garland I (p. 60) 1  Draw knees and ft jointly and twist to left.

The recognition of hatha yoga has ended in dozens of adaptations of a given pose. One teacher’s prolonged triangle pose is another’s prolonged facet stretch. this is complicated while you are familiar with practising one kind of hatha yoga after which are brought to a different sort. for many humans, adaptations are a need. restricted flexibility and your particular physiology can hinder you from executing many of the poses during this ebook. We inspire using props and diversifications to change any pose in your skill.

Sure attitude, prolonged Utthita Baddha Konasana hassle point 2 commence place certain perspective (p. eight) 1  Hold toes and fold ahead with prolonged backbone. certain perspective, Reclining Supta Baddha Konasana trouble point three commence place sure perspective (p. eight) 1  Walk elbows at the back of physique until eventually reclining. Bow Dhanurasana hassle point five begin place mendacity on abdominal 1  Bend knees and clasp palms onto ft or ankles. 2  Kick ft again, lifting thighs and chest clear of flooring. Bow, mammoth Toe Padangustha Dhanurasana trouble point nine commence place mendacity on abdominal 1  Place palms on ground below shoulders and straighten hands right into a backbend.

39) 1  Bend elbows to ground and interlace hands; chill out crown of head among wrists. 2  Walk toes towards head till hips are over shoulders. 3  Lift one leg at a time or either jointly till toes expand directly up. Heavenly Spirits Valakhilyasana trouble point 7 commence place Pigeon, one-leg king of (p. one hundred and five) 1  Catch carry of again leg with either arms. 2  Extend leg towards ground, backbending. Repeat on different part. Hero Virasana trouble point four begin place Kneeling (p. eighty one) 1  Separate ft and sit down hips to flooring among ft.

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