Forgery in Christianity

Incendiary in its ardour and irrefutable in its proof, this vintage of atheistic literature condemns Christianity as superstition and wishful considering rooted in early paganism, "sourced" through nameless fables, and promoted via self-serving males looking "worldly riches and power." Raging opposed to the blatant manipulations of the early Church and the antiscience schedule of the trendy Church, American author JOSEPH WHELESS (1868-1950) takes on every little thing from faked "relics" and the "holy mummery" of stigmatics and different dramatic mystics to the "priestly terrorism" of the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the Church's ancient intolerance. this can be an absolute must-read for somebody trying to find ammunition to counter the argument that the durability of Christianity is facts of its legitimacy. additionally on hand FROM COSIMO: Wheless's Is It God's notice?

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The Churches, the Federal Council of Churches, the Vicar of God and his adjutants, all ply amain the arts of enslaving the babe in the cradle, the child in the school. In the Encyclical of December 31, 1929, the right of the Church to the child is proclaimed as above that of parents and State; the secular public schools are damned, and the prole of the Faithful are forbidden to attend and mingle with the “i rreligious”  State pupils: “the  frequenting of non­Catholic schools, specifically,   these   which   are   open   to   Catholic   and   non­Catholic   alike,   is   forbidden   to   Catholic children,”  as such a school is not “a  fit place for Catholic students,”  who must be baited with “t he supernatural.

On Monogamy, ch. iii; ANF. iv, 60. ) For like reason it was, he assures, that Noah was ordered to take two of each animal into the ark, “for  fear that even beasts should be born of adultery. ... Even unclean birds were not allowed to enter with two females each. ”  (Ib. ch. iv; p. sixty two. ) Father Tertullian shares the fantastic notions of natural history stated by Bishop St. Barnabas; in proof of the eternal renovation of all things, Tertullian says: “The  serpent crawls into a cave and out of his skin, and uncoils himself in a new youth; with his scales, his years, too, are repudiated.

Xii, 261. ) The text in John is that about “Feed  my Lambs”;  but this forgery is not of present interest. The more notorious “proof” is  Matthew’s forged  punning passage: “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church,” etc. It may first be noticed, that “Matthew”  is the only one of the three “Synoptic”  gospelers to record this “famous  Petrine text. ”  And he records this pun as made in Greek, by Jesus—jus t before his crucifixion, under very exceptional circumstances, and upon the inspiration of a “special  divine revelation”  then and there first made by God to Peter, as below to be noted.

Definitely and positively—though  with the usual clerical soft­soaping, confesses this age­long   clerical   fraud   and   falsification   of   Holy   Writ,   and   relegates   it   to   the   junk­heap   of discredited—but not discarded—dogmatic myth: “ Modern theology does not grant that Isaiah vii, 14, contains a real prophecy fulfilled in the virgin birth of Christ; it must maintain, therefore, that St. Matthew misunderstood the passage when he said: ‘Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet, saying, Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son, etc.

We have just seen the same authority admit the want of authenticity of one set of words imputed by Matthew to his Lord; our next section will demonstrate another famous “Matthean  addition”  to 146 Joseph Wheless – Forgery in Christianity be a gross and bungling forgery. This bodily copying from Mark, with so many “additions  and suppressions,”  implies, as we have seen, “a  very free treatment of the text of Mark in Matthew and Luke (a freedom which reaches a climax in the treatment of Mk. x, 17f.

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