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Three. examine the next kin: (a) {(1, 2), (3, 2), (5, 5)}, (b) {(1, 2), (2, 3), (5, 5)}, (c) {(2, 1), (2, 3), (5, 5)}, Are those kinfolk the functionality? clarify. four. enable R be the set of actual numbers and F that relation in R × R together with all pairs indexed less than. verify which, if any, are features. If F isn't a functionality, show components (x1, y1) and (x1, y2) in F with y1 = y2 (a) F = {(x, x + 2) | x ∈ R} (b) F = {(x, 2x) | x ∈ R} (c) F = {(x, x2) | x ∈ R} (d ) F = {(x, ax + b) | x ∈ R} (e) F = {(x, | x |) | x ∈ R} (f ) F = {(x, sin x) | x ∈ R} (g) F = {(x, y) | x2 + y2 = four} (h) F = {(x, zero) | x ∈ R} (i) F = {(x, y) | y2 = x} five.

On account that 2 + three, 2 | 6, 6 | 12, 12 | 24, 12 | 36 and three | 6, The Hasse diagram is given within the adjoining determine four. three. 6 instance four. three. three. allow A be a given finite set and enable P(A) be its strength 2 three set. allow ⊆ be the inclusion relation at the energy set P(A). Draw Hasse Fig. four. three diagram of (P(A), ⊆). (a) A = {a}, (b) A = {a, b}; (c) A = {a, b, c}; (d) A = {a, b, c, d}. resolution. as a result, (a) P(A) = {φ, {a}}, (b) P(A) = {φ, {a}, {b}, {a, b}}. (c) P(A) = {φ, {a}, {b}, {c}, {a, b}, {a, c}, {b, c}, {a, b, c}. }. (d) P(A) = {φ, {a}, {b}, {c}, {d}, {a, b}, {a, c}, {a, d}, {b, c}, {b, d}, {c, d} {a, b, c}, {a, b, d}, {a, c, d}, {b, c, d}; {a, b, c, d}}.

B) {x | x is a host such that 2x = 12} (c) {y | y is the identify of a country in India beginning with the letter U}. 6. determine: (a) {x | x ∈ N, x < 1} = φ (b) {x | x ∈ I, 6x2 + 5x – four = zero} = φ (c) {x | x ∈ I, 3x + four = eight} = φ (d ) {x | x is a first-rate even integer ≠ 2} = φ. 7. show all the following units in alternative ways: (a) {x | x = 2n the place n is an integer} (b) The set of all quintessential multiples of 3 (c) {–5, – four, –3, –2, –1, zero, 1, 2} (d ) { x | x is a favorable critical divisor of 60} eight. Which of the next statements are precise?

Instance three. 2. 2. allow T be a collection of triangles in a airplane, and outline R because the set R = {(a, b) | a, b ∈ T, a is congruent to b}. Then express that R is an equivalence relation. resolution. If a and b are triangles in a airplane then (a, b) ∈ R if, and provided that, a is congruent to b, (Two triangles are congruent if the realm of 1 triangle is the same as the realm of the opposite i. e. , region of the triangle a = sector of the triangle b, or ∆a = ∆b. We see that: (1) when you consider that ∆a = ∆a — - a ∈ T, a is congruent to a, i. e. , (a, a) ∈ R.

This can be merely real while each aspect a ∈ A is said to a few point b ∈ A. hence for each a ∈ A there exists b ∈ A such that (a, b) ∈ R. If for each a ∈ A there doesn't exist any b ∈ A such that (a, b) ∈ R, then the symmetric and transitive relation R will not be reflexive. it really is transparent from the subsequent instance. forty six DISCRETE arithmetic instance three. 2. 1. enable A = {x, y} and R = {(y, y)}. considering that R ⊂ A × A, R is a relation. R is symmetric and transitive. yet R isn't reflexive simply because (x, x) ∉ R. therefore symmetric and transitive relation R isn't really reflexive as the point x ∈ A isn't really relating to a few section of A.

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