Chasing Venus: The Race to Measure the Heavens

By Andrea Wulf

On June 6, 1761, the realm paused to monitor a momentous party: the 1st transit of Venus among the Earth and the solar in additional than a century. via that remark, astronomers might calculate the scale of the sunlight system—but provided that they can collect facts from many alternative issues of the globe, all recorded in the course of the brief interval of the transit. Overcoming amazing odds and political strife, astronomers from Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Sweden, and the yankee colonies manage observatories within the remotest corners of the realm, in simple terms to be thwarted via unpredictable climate and warring armies. thankfully, transits of Venus happen in pairs; 8 years later, they'd have one other chance to succeed.
Chasing Venus brings to lifestyles the personalities of the astronomers who embarked upon this complicated and crucial enterprise and paints a shiny portrait of the collaborations, the rivalries, and the risky foreign politics that hindered them at each flip. because of those scientists, neither our perception of the universe nor the character of medical examine may ever be the same.

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